Reprint Requests

I (very) occasionally get requests for some of my older pieces that are difficult to access online, particularly in original published format (for citation purposes etc).

The Arrow

The Arrow; Directional Wayfinding in Transit published in Social Semiotics, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2002 is, according to various metrics, my most cited and searched for paper. Maybe because it is an older paper? Unfortunately, it is behind a paywall. As author, I'm allowed to provide a certain amount of copies for free. So here you go

Xtext was a journal/magazine that published transdisciplinary articles, poetry, letters, images that addressed tensions around issues of theory, identities, cultural differences, racism, ethnicities, sexualities and feminisms. There were two glorious issues (1996- 1997). They featured some classic papers, such as Melissa Hardie's 'Loose Slots; figuring the strip in showgirls' and Efi Hatzimanolis' 'multiple ethnicity disorders: demidenko and the cult of ethnicity'. Editors: Paula Abood, Mary Dimech, Gillian Fuller, Efi Hatzimanolis, Tinzar Lwyn, Brigitta Olubas.

Soon, I'll scan all the issues and lodge with Auslit, so that this little a bit of Australian feminist and cultural studies history is preserved.

See below for cover images. (Designer: Suzanne Boccalatte)

Engaging Cultures: Negotiating Discourse in Popular Science, PhD, Fuller G. USYD (1995)

I've been informed by researchers who were hunting for it that it has been 'disappeared' from Fisher Library (Usyd) and Jim Martin (my old Supervisor no longer has his). Data entropy has defeated us here, I'm afraid. I had it stored on 3 1/5 inch floppy disks that I threw out years ago. As far as I know only two copies now remain. One is mine, currently in use as my footstool (it's really thick and perfect height). The other I left in custody of Dr Peter White (School of the Arts and Media,FASS, UNSW).

A note of warning to SFL researchers. I think you'll find that the topological concept of semantic engagement inspired by the 'logogenetic turn' of the mid 1990s argued for in this thesis will bear very little resemblance to the notion of 'engagement' attributed to me in SFL. I have no problem at all with how the term has been taken up. Very chuffed it was useful to someone, but if you're looking for an Ur system network here, you might be disappointed. ;-)

 Happy Birthday Mother India   Casula Powerhouse Exhib.1997 
 Let us taste your conceit, N.Mantle   Cover Issue 1