present projects

Airport City Futures Project (Danish Government Innovation Grant: Lead Prof Ole Jensen)
Delighted to be asked to join the team as consultant for the 'Passenger experience' module of this large four year project. Once again it's a multi-disciplinary project involving, architects, social scientists and quite a bit of high end tracking software. It will interesting to see if we can splice through the data in new ways to yield a more nuanced and affectual take of who moves where and why.

Past recent projects:
Research Associate' for Assoc Prof David Bissell on his ARC funded Sensing Mobilities project later in the year. David one of my favourite collaborators who is doing really important work on transit experience. The outcome of this collaboration, 'Material politics of images: Visualising future transport infrastructures' David Bissell and Gillian Fuller, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space Vol 49, Issue 11, pp. 2477 - 2496 (2017), can be found: here

Communications and Development Advisor, Save Vietnam's Wildlife.

Australian Volunteer for International Development (auspiced through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). During this posting I worked with an inspirational group of Vietnamese conservationists at Save Vietnam's Wilidlife, Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. As a newly founded local Non-Profit, I guided staff through the processes of business analysis, governing board establishment, brand development and digital strategy. A great project and a truly worthy organisation

Future Feminist Archive
Community Development Work for linked data arts project,Future Feminist Archive Project, in regional NSW for , funded through ARTSNSW and run by Sydney College of the Arts (USYD) and The Cross Arts Projects. In this project I worked with CAF travelling to regional NSW to work with artists and local galleries, museums and groups discussing and analysing their data needs and training artists and curators how to work with DAAO databases.

Continued my involvement with Design & Art Australia Online (DAAO) as its research development representative. In this role I conducted a 'DAAO Roadshow', liaising with key research stakeholders and Chief Investigators across Australia to investigate and analyse their research outcome requirements and advise on how they can use DAAO's tools and data management capabilities. During these trips, I also ran various training workshops and presentations and data sprints. Here's a report from the boxcopy data push in Brisbane, June 2015.

Content Writer and data strategy advisor, ADELTA project with Professor Anna Gibbs and Dr Maria Angel from UWS on the ADELTA project. The ADELTA database will soon be online and linked with DAAO. Olivia (DAAO Project Manager) did a post which explains.